Cakes & Cupcakes

Baking a cake is a perfect way to celebrate any holiday, or just to enjoy a normal weekday dessert! These easy cake recipes are simple and made from scratch, or cake from a cake mix. Trust me, no one will know!

These cake decorating designs and ideas are EASY! You don't need any special equipment or crazy experience to pull these easy cake recipes off!

You'll find bundt cakes, sheet cakes, microwave cakes, pudding cakes, cupcakes, and more!

My Hot Fudge Pudding Cake is magical and decadent! Poke cakes are great desserts for company since they're best made ahead. And you can't go wrong with Microwave Mug Cake when you need a chocolate fix in a hurry! My old-fashioned Picnic Spice Cake is a must-try too!

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